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Why CROP is different than any other raw, cold pressed juice

We created a juicing process that is truly unique to CROP. We focus so much on leafy greens that we juice them separately and then hand pour specific amounts into each bottle so we can tell you, our customer, how many leafy greens you are consuming before any other ingredient is added! Why is that important you ask? Leafy greens pack the most nutrients for the smallest amount of calories and are known to decrease inflammation and sugar cravings, fight disease and so much more! 

Anyone who juices at home knows that it takes a lot of leaves to generate even one ounce of leafy green juice.  To save on cost, most juice companies juice in big batches with a  “splash” of leafy greens and fill the bottle with cheaper, water dense veggies and fruit.  

All of our leafy green juices contain between 2-24 cups of leafy greens.  We then hand pour other veggies and fruit juice into each bottle individually.  This process costs more and is more time intensive, but it is the only way we feel you can be sure of the nutrient density.  CROP juice will never be the cheapest juice you purchase, but we always strive to create the best juice you will ever consume!


CROP was born back in 2013 because our founder Karen, a former Oncology nurse, could not find an exceptional cold pressed juice. Most juices lacked nutrient density and flavor, were packaged in plastic not glass, and at best only used clean ingredients "when available".  In fact, she found many “green” juices that were actually water dense cucumber juice with an insignificant amount of nutrient rich leafy greens.

So she set out to create an ultra-premium, great tasting, nutrient loaded juice that could not be found anywhere else.  A juice that many people would use for healing their inflamed and nutrient deprived bodies. Our thousands of loyal customers and friends say she succeeded!


Only 1 out of 7 people consume the recommended five daily servings of fruits and vegetables. Plant based diets have been shown to decrease sugar cravings, fight inflammation and disease, and create the energy most people need to get through a busy day. The main advantage of juicing is that you can consume more ounces of nutrition by drinking your veggies than you can by eating them.


It has been estimated that 80-90% of all cancers are caused by environmental factors and as much as 30-40% of those are related to diet.  Conventionally grown produce can contain many harmful chemicals, some of which never leave the body and cause a myriad of health issues over a lifetime. In fact, much of the conventional produce grown in the US is so toxic with pesticides that it is banned in other countries.


At CROP, our mission is to craft the highest quality, plant based, gluten free nutrition that is just as pleasing to your taste buds as it is good for your body. Our goal is to help people make better choices to achieve and maintain optimal health!

We believe in being completely transparent and employing meticulous infection control while creating products with integrity and uniqueness. After trying CROP we hope you agree!


We also create clean & delicious smoothies, grab & go meals and sweet treats!  Just like our juice, our other menu items are made with unsurpassed quality, care and attention to detail and taste. We never compromise when it comes to our customers satisfaction, health and well being!