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No Whey!
Top 3 Reasons to use EPIC Plant Based Protein Powder

Protein has long been a topic of discussion and there’s one thing we can’t deny- we all need it. A complete protein has 20 amino acids, 9 being essential amino acids, meaning our bodies can’t produce them so we must consume them in the foods we eat. Amino acids are the building blocks of our bodies and we rely on them for much more than we give them credit for. Boosting athletic performance, building muscle, recovering from workouts, enhancing our mental state and aiding digestion to name a few. 

Today's market has a plethora of choices in choosing a protein supplement that suits you. There are vegan choices, which source complete proteins from plants and support a more heavily plant based diet (hint hint!). Whey protein on the other hand is created from the liquid part of milk that separates during cheese production, and is then processed into a powder. 

You probably could have guessed it but we are definitely fans of plant based proteins and this isn’t just because we love leafy greens. We take our health seriously and that includes choosing quality protein. Sprout Living's Epic Protein line of products are our personal choice, and for good reason, they hit all of our criteria (and more) in bringing clean and complete plant protein to the table.

  1. Bioavailable and Nutrient Dense-

 Generally speaking, plant proteins have had their anti-nutrients compounds removed during processing, increasing their bioavailability (rate of absorption in the body). Plus, the amount of nutrients per calorie is very high (less calories with more nutrition!), especially with companies who are using organic products with minimal processing, and adding in superfoods. On the flip side, whey proteins, while touted for their high protein content per calorie, are actually nutrient poor.

  1. Enhanced digestibility-

    It is estimated that around 68% of the world's population is lactose intolerant. Plant sourced proteins offer a variety of vitamins, minerals, fiber and prebiotics that actively aid in absorption and digestion. This means no more bloating, gas or other digestive discomforts that often come with whey products. Whey products are quite commonly full of sweeteners and preservatives to make the product shelf stable and tasty. In comparison plant proteins are known for being very clean, they skip out on the common allergens and additives that are known gut and digestive irritants. 

  1. Superfoods

    Okay, this is more of a bonus! Epic Protein includes a diverse range of superfoods like maca, lucuma, sea buckthorn, chlorella and reishi that take the value of their products to the next level. These superfoods are known to assist in greater physical recovery, combat fatigue, ease anxiety and boost the immune system. 

Come on in to one of our locations to give this “epic” protein a try and check out how we incorporate these plant based products into our favorite eats at

Feel free to stick to our traditional and most popular smoothies (Pulp Friction or Choco-Cherry Chia Blast!), or choose from one of the five Epic Protein powders we have in store to add into a smoothie of your choice. Smoothies aren’t your thing?? Try our peanut butter protein bites!