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Cantaloupe- More beta carotene than carrots?

The antioxidant powers of our mighty little friend the cantaloupe is often underrated. Yes, the orange is brighter and the carrot is hardier but, you’d be surprised to know that the beta carotene content in cantaloupe is greater than that of the orange and equal to that of the carrot; in addition to being 90% water per gram (watch out watermelon).


All this to say… cantaloupe is a good one to have around on a hot summer day. Did we mention it’s also cantaloupe season? This means cantaloupe is widely available at its peak flavors and nutritional profile! Yum! The beta carotene we spoke of will aid that suntan glow (without the free radicals) and help protect your eyes from the Florida sun’s rays.


Our Juicy Fruit Juice is a favorite Summer seasonal libation with good reason! The base of this juice includes the refreshing, cooling flavors of organic cantaloupe and organic watermelon. We’ve then paired them with a few other palate pleasing, nutrient loaded fruits: organic green apple, organic orange, organic pear, organic pineapple, and organic beets (to give its vibrant color!). Together, these provide you with a day’s worth of immune boosting Vitamins A & C and leave you feeling energized, balanced and hydrated!


Thirsty? Stop by one of our stores to explore ways we can help meet your hydration needs during these sizzling summer days!