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Pacific Island Paradise in a Cup

Our Aloha Blue Smoothie embodies the tropical mood and cooling vibes of the healing Hawaiian seas. Organic ginger, organic pineapple, organic peaches, and organic banana bring a sweet and spicy burst of flavor balanced out by Blue majik spirulina’s robust and grounding profile.

In Hawaii, Aloha is recognized as a way of life, living in harmony within heart and mind. We at CROP aim to manifest Aloha in everything we make because we see what we do as a lifestyle we just can’t live without. We created our Aloha Blue Smoothie in hopes that each sip will inspire the spirit of Aloha within YOU!

These sunkissed and skin nourishing fruits are known to aid in digestion and boost the immune system (for those spontaneous summer nights) while soaking your cells in a wealth of nutrition. Our Blue Majik brings forward the stunning blue hues and cools you down (quite literally) with its antioxidant powers, B12 and iron that are known to reduce inflammation and increase energy levels while boosting your mood. 

Are you ready to book a ticket to Hawaii with us?! Why don’t you just hop on over to one of our shops for a serving of this tropical elixir? See you soon… Aloha!